This is an online resource center for things that you cannot find anywhere else.  

Playing right now is a song called, "With Shadows Floatin' By" (provided you took the action to click the Muzic Boxx. app in the top left).  Thats what you get for free, for coming here for free - when the song finishes, your demo version has expired, and thats it.  Work is what it takes to make good music, to write well, to design a website, to pay to have it posted, and most people I run into are dilusional about where things come from - be it food, spirit, intelligence, peace, war, ... anything.

This site is to help set ya straight.

Does it go all the way?  No - but it goes part of the way the right way right-a-way, and if I can provide a vector for you to discover, you might find that direction is necessary before working, as you do not want to, in a fury of speed, build a road up-side down, or the wrong way, and have to tear it up because its not what you wanted at all (and anybody.)

Verbal gymnastics, energic overhall, imagnation expanision, trashing useless and waste, are all included - but theyre not free.  Its like downloading a .zip file in that it's relativly easy, but you still have to unpack it, put it on the shelf, know where you put your tools, and be able to find them quickly and efficiently when you need them.

Thats all I can really tell you here - any misspellings are on purpose - if im intelligent enough to break the rules correctly, I must have mastered the rules --with credit to the Dali Lama.

My work is not finished, and if you're reading this in this form, yours is not either.  This is to help point you on the way, with whatever it is.

Everything I'm selling, you need - the only question is if you'll train yourself to use the weapons (tools) correctly, or if you'll harm yourself in the process.  Everything I sell comes with a coherent user manual.

Don't stop here - there are more signs along the way.

*Navigation Note - If you want to keep a window open while still going to another page, you must right click and select "Open New TAB."  If your browser doesn't permit you to do that, I suggest downloading Google Chrome {Google Search} because its better than all the other ones.*

You must expand your awareness - there's different ways to do that, but this is one, and there are links to others - everything will be explained along the way- if you explain it.  Theres more in this paragraph that you realize, even though you just read it - and it was hard work to read it, wasn't it?  

Was it worth it?---- Does it get better?  Sometimes, when text is hard to read - I'll highlight it with my cursor to make it easier.


Do you really think this mess is on purpose?
Do you really think this mess is on purpose?
Did you get a chance to read all the words in the picture?
Did you really try to read all the words in the picture? -Or are you just pretending?
Click here - and youll be ok
Can you even read what these words are saying now?
I wonder how many people will tell me this site doesnt work